It’s one burner phone, Michael. What could it cost: $285?

This is the $285 Supreme Blu Burner phone. It costs $285.

Specs include 3G data (throwback!), a 2.4-inch screen (simpler times!), an antenna for FM radio (adorbz!), and a camera.

The phone costs $285, if I haven’t mentioned that already.

For $285 (that’s what the phone costs) the camera could be decent. Who knows? It’s also got 16 gigabytes of storage, which *might* be about 15.9 gigabytes more than it actually needs.

And it’s made of aluminum and can handle dual SIM cards for quick-swapping. So a little bit of old-meets-new here.

It costs $285.

If your burner-phone budget is only $259, then there’s a red version for $259. It’s like the $285 black version but it’s red and costs less, at $259.

If, however, your burner phone budget is $25 or so, then you have a whole lot of more reasonable, similarly-spec’d options.

Supreme Blu Burner Phone [Farfetch via Uncrate]

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