Finally, a LEGO-compatible wireless router

Honestly. What took so long?

While the rest of you chumps sit there all day parsing speeds and feeds trying to figure out the best router, some of us choose routers based on whether or not we can build LEGOs on top of them.

*Cue LEGO zealots pointing out that it’s LEGO, not LEGOs*

As routers go, it’s got both speeds and feeds. It can be controlled by your phone. It has decent reviews, although a bunch of the good ones read suspiciously alike, so buyer beware.

It’s currently 30% off of its $80 asking price over at Amazon.

LEGO Wi-Fi router [Amazon via The Gadgeteer]

Well, that’s handy: zip-on, condition-specific bike tires

Some people bike everywhere at any time of year. I am not one of those people, but if I was…

Actually, I have a one-speed beach cruiser and I work from home so this isn’t really for me. But – BUT! – I know some bike people.

The concept of the reTyre is that you buy a $35 base tire that can be used for, you know, standard bike stuff.

Then when it snows, you just zip on the ‘ol $68 Winter Traveler skin. And then when that snow turns to ice, you just zip on the ‘ol $89 Ice Racer skin.

And then your bike buddies are like, “Let’s go ride bikes!” and you’re like, “Where?” and they’re like, “On a trail!” you just zip on the ‘ol $46 Trail Rider skin.

You get the idea. One base tire, plus several optional zip-on nubbins or whatever they’re called. The zipping part apparently takes one minute, whereas I assume changing out the tire for an entirely new tire takes longer – and specialty tires cost alot?

I don’t know. Again, I’m not really a bike guy. The last time I tried to pop a wheelie on my beach cruiser – which I assembled myself, mind you – the handlebars came out completely and my son almost lost a lot of respect for me.

Modular Zipper Bicycle Tire [reTyre via TIWIB]

It’s one burner phone, Michael. What could it cost: $285?

This is the $285 Supreme Blu Burner phone. It costs $285.

Specs include 3G data (throwback!), a 2.4-inch screen (simpler times!), an antenna for FM radio (adorbz!), and a camera.

The phone costs $285, if I haven’t mentioned that already.

For $285 (that’s what the phone costs) the camera could be decent. Who knows? It’s also got 16 gigabytes of storage, which *might* be about 15.9 gigabytes more than it actually needs.

And it’s made of aluminum and can handle dual SIM cards for quick-swapping. So a little bit of old-meets-new here.

It costs $285.

If your burner-phone budget is only $259, then there’s a red version for $259. It’s like the $285 black version but it’s red and costs less, at $259.

If, however, your burner phone budget is $25 or so, then you have a whole lot of more reasonable, similarly-spec’d options.

Supreme Blu Burner Phone [Farfetch via Uncrate]

Show ’em you’re doing your part with a light-up, blinking LED mask

Let there be no – and I mean zero – doubt that you’re serious about keeping those around you safe with this $30 light-up mask.

“But Doug,” you’re saying, “How can I choose just one color? I like many, many colors!” To which I would say, “Friend. It changes colors. There are seven of them.”

“Just static colors?” you rebut. “No,” says I. “This mask friggin’ blinks five different ways.”

“How many possible combinations is that?” you ask. “Who am I? Bill Nye?” I snap. “I’m poor to quite poor at even simple math. But it’s probably 35 or so possible combinations.”

According to the description, this wonderment of technology is perfect for “raves, bars, clubs, electric glow run (?), LED parties (??), Halloween, costume parties, Mardi Gras, carnivals, gifts, masquerade and more.” I don’t know what some of those things are because I’m old and I wouldn’t recommend some of those other activities until this whole you-know-what blows over, but you get the point.

The mask takes an hour to charge and lights up for two to four hours, which seems like quite a range but, hey, you’ll be the only blinky-facey for quite some time.

LED Face Mask [Amazon]