Well, that’s handy: zip-on, condition-specific bike tires

Some people bike everywhere at any time of year. I am not one of those people, but if I was…

Actually, I have a one-speed beach cruiser and I work from home so this isn’t really for me. But – BUT! – I know some bike people.

The concept of the reTyre is that you buy a $35 base tire that can be used for, you know, standard bike stuff.

Then when it snows, you just zip on the ‘ol $68 Winter Traveler skin. And then when that snow turns to ice, you just zip on the ‘ol $89 Ice Racer skin.

And then your bike buddies are like, “Let’s go ride bikes!” and you’re like, “Where?” and they’re like, “On a trail!” you just zip on the ‘ol $46 Trail Rider skin.

You get the idea. One base tire, plus several optional zip-on nubbins or whatever they’re called. The zipping part apparently takes one minute, whereas I assume changing out the tire for an entirely new tire takes longer – and specialty tires cost alot?

I don’t know. Again, I’m not really a bike guy. The last time I tried to pop a wheelie on my beach cruiser – which I assembled myself, mind you – the handlebars came out completely and my son almost lost a lot of respect for me.

Modular Zipper Bicycle Tire [reTyre via TIWIB]

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