Over-carbonating the Penguin soda machine

Every video maker, should he or she make videos long enough, goes through phases. This video was one of the first of many in my “drum loop” phase.

People hated the drum loop. I, on the other hand, loved the drum loop. It was upbeat and fun, and it meant I didn’t have to search for different music every time I made a video.

Eventually, the people won and I killed off the drums. So my review of this video is a thumbs up for the drums and a thumbs down (each) for the lighting and sound – a total of three thumbs.

As for the soda machine, I was supplied with two CO2 cartridges and a sampler pack of sodas. Once I burned through both cartridges and all the soda flavors, that giant penguin sat in a closet in one apartment, moved to another closet in a condo, and now lives in a closet in my house.

I’m just not built for re-ordering supplies, but if I were, the line of Penguin soda machines, which I believe eventually became cheaper, smaller, and better SodaStream machines aren’t too shabby.

Oh, and it’s pop. It should be called PopStream or the Penguin Home Pop Machine.


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