Saying goodbye to my favorite computer in the history of computing

I still, to this day, miss this computer. It haunts my dreams, my nightmares, and my waking hours.

If you’re viewing this on a laptop right now, it’s possible that it’s still not as small and light as the Sony Vaio X was – and the above video was shot in January of 2010. It belongs in the computing hall of fame.

Reviewing my review, let’s go with a strong 7.5 out of 10. It’s not an actual review – the real review still lives here – but I ad-libbed the entire thing on the spot. And in video-making land, my friends, that’s pure gold. It drove 10,000+ views and took about 10 minutes to shoot, edit, and upload.

Batter Blaster canned pancakes

Batter Blaster, we hardly knew ye. Like many of the items found in these Greatest Hits posts, Batter Blaster canned pancakes no longer exist.

It’s a shame, too, because they were basically the pancake equivalent of Egg Beaters. I eat liquid eggs regularly, not because I’m health conscious, but because I prefer omelets and I’m extremely lazy.

So just like I hate cracking eggs, beating them into a liquid, and then adding them to a pan, I equally hate dealing with pancake mix.

Were these the best tasting pancakes in the world? They were not. Were they good enough? They were.

I suppose the closest thing to Batter Blaster would be all these just-add-water pancake mixes but… hey… it’s just not the same.

As videos go, I’d give this one a 8 out of 10: okay production values offset by better-than-okay content. I remember it making my coworkers laugh, which was always a bonus, but my wife got mad at me for showing our dish-filled sink to the internet. You win some, you lose some.

Mana Health Energy Potion is a big kick in a tiny bottle

If you’ve ever downed a Five-Hour Energy or something similar in size, you’ve gotten the experience of drinking what you see me drinking here. Except for two things.

One: the taste, as I remember it (this was 11+ years ago), was great. It was like a non-alcoholic Fireball shot. Very cinnamon-y but not medicine-y like most energy drinks.

Two: it packed a wallop. I can’t remember how many shots were in the box they sent me (looks like a 12-pack) but I remember thinking that the next week or so was going to be very productive.

My plan for this review was to ham it up a bit for the camera regardless of how well this tiny energy drink actually worked – but luckily for me, it actually worked great. Unluckily for me, I think the drinks cost $3-$4 or so per shot at the time, which was too rich for my frugal blood.

And I’ll be damned, but you can still buy them now: $42 for a 12-pack right from the Mana website.

Review of the video itself: 8/10. I still laugh at the Motley Crue/Office bit.

The camera that never showed up

To this day, this is still one of the favorite videos I’ve ever made. It’s a review of nothing shot like a documentary.

It was July, 2008 and The Office was white hot.

Remember those Flip video cameras? This was the smaller version, the Flip Mino.

Apparently, it was pronounced “minnow” and I pronounced it “meeno” the whole time, so strike one. Although in my defense, it should be pronounced “meeno” – there’s a restaurant in my town called Mino’s and it’s pronounced “meenos” since that’s how English works.

Strike two was that I made some poor PR person’s life hell for a week. Not that it’s an excuse, but I hadn’t been doing this that long and I didn’t really know any better.

Strike three is my hair: a recurring bewilderment of these early videos. I have no defense or excuse.

All strikes aside, I’m rating this Greatest Hits review a 10 out of 10.

The first video review I ever made

Behold yours truly in all my prepubescent glory! This was me about a thousand cheeseburgers ago and before I discovered good beer.

For a first video review it’s decent – albeit way too long. And the quality sucks, as most digital video did back in 2007. But for someone rocking a track jacket and hair like that, I come off as confident, which generally makes for a good video. Keep in mind that this was in the early days of my blogging career before my soul was bullied into a lifeless void by blog commenters and people on Twitter.

I knew nothing about lighting or sound – but in my defense I only know very little about lighting or sound now.

I made this video for CrunchGear, which no longer exists, which was part of TechCrunch, which still does exist. To this day, it was still the most and least fun I’ve ever had working.

The phone no longer exists, sadly, but you can buy a non-working prototype for $10 if you’d like to make your own throwback video.